L'Ús de les xarxes socials en les emissores de ràdio de Girona = The Use of social media in Girona's radio stations

This article presents the findings of a micro-study conducted in the province of Girona to find out how conventional radio stations use social networks, namely Twitter and Facebook. For this project we selected eleven radio stations of general character that broadcast local content in the area. The analysis was carried out during the week of 9 to 15 May 2011. At a time when it seems that being part of such networks is essential, and when information circulates faster than ever before, it was considered appropriate to analyse the connections established between radio stations that generate local information (traditionally held as the leading live media format) and the aforementioned social networks that are currently the most popular. The results show surprisingly little overlap between the two formats and it is concluded that there remains considerable work to be done in this field ​
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