Nuevo modelo de tutoría cuádruple en una experiencia APP del Grado de Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas de la UdG = New quadruple model of active tutoring in an APP experiencie in Advertising and Public Relations Grade from the University of Girona

This paper defines four modes of tutorials created ad hoc in order to develop a specific experience of Learning Project (APP), in the Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Girona. The project has been based on the development of a comprehensive communication campaign from an actual concrete custom client, in this case, the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism. The students have taken on the role of media agencies, teachers have taken the role of campaign managers, and they have corrected their work in the different areas of their campaigns: campaign advice, online communication, audiovisual creation, adverting. Finally, the client role was made by the Dean by acting as a real customer giving students a real and concrete order. The development of the project was made from a systematic and ongoing mentoring that has allowed a combinatorial tutorial, flexible enough to meet the challenge posed to students. Communication campaigns were submitted to a heterogeneous, with the presence of teachers, students and clients. The 4 types of tutorials presented in this new model of university teaching are: specific tutorials weekly, cross tutorial weekly, tutoring and mentoring rehearsal and evaluation tutorial. The result is a rigorous experience that simulates professional work globally serving specific interests and knowledge. We conclude the optimal implementation of this quadruple model of active tutoring in an APP experience. The mock pilot was conducted in 2011/2012 and the final execution took place this year 2012/2013 ​
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