El final del PaleolItic Mitjà i l'inici del Paleolític Superior a la cova de l'Arbreda (Serinyà)

In the cave of l'Arbreda (Serinyà, Pla de l'Estany) one can observe that from an archeological point of view, the passage from the Middle to the Late Paleolithic, takes place, not through a smooth transition but with a very clear cultural rupture. On the other hand the data recently obtained by the carbon-14 accelerated confirms that the cultural replacement took place in a short period of time, within which, it is posible that the cultures of the Middle Paleolithic and the Aurignacian, could have been contemporaries. In the european context this cultural replacement also corresponds to the one of the Neanthertal man by the modern man. This new data together with the one obtained in the cave of el Castillo (Puente Viesgo, Cantabria) are interesting because it makes earlier the arrival of the modern man in Europe ​
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