Childhood trauma as a risk factor for suicidality in first episode of psychosis: a longitudinal 5-year folow-up study

Almón Salvat, Cristina
Childhood trauma (ChT) is really common, and represents a potential risk factor for future psychotic disorders (PsD), for many other psychiatric disorders, and for suicidality. In addition, suicide is the main cause of premature death in patients with PsD, particularly in the early phases. Therefore, strong evidence connects ChT, PsD, and suicididality. Conversely, there is less evidence supporting the impact of ChT on suicidality in first episode of psychosis (FEP). Only one study reported that a history of ChT in patients with FEP further increased the risk of suicidality, but only two types of ChT were considered, and the follow-up duration was relatively short AIMS: To determine the effect of past ChT in patients diagnosed with FEP concerning suicidal ideations (SI) and suicidal behaviours (SB), and identify the types of ChT that further increase the risk for SI and SB in these patients METHODS: A cohort study will be performed including 249 patients with FEP between 16 and 40 years, 166 exposed to ChT and 83 non-exposed subjects. Candidate patients will be selected as they are admitted to the “Unitat d’Hospitalització d’Aguts” (UHA) in the Hospital Santa Caterina (HSC) in Girona. Participants will be evaluated during admission and once a year for a five-year follow-up period in order to compare suicidality between the exposed and non-exposed group. Suididality encompasses SI (thoughts and plans) and SB (suicide attempts and complete suicide) ​
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