Del papel a la pantalla y del aula a la nube: ideas para dinamizar la expresión escrita en secundaria = From paper to the screen and from the classroom to the cloud: ideas to energise written expression at secondary level

Sanz i Pinyol, Glòria
The spread of sociocultural focuses and critical literacy studies, which offer an holistic perspective on communicative skills, has reached our country at a time when the commonest environment for writing is the internet, and information technologies have transformed writing with new channels, genres, forms of preparation and languages. Thanks to these changes, educational programmes now include new concepts of literacy related to knowledge and the use of digital environments. This paper explores the impact of introducing these new communicative environments to teaching written expression at secondary level and puts forward some ideas to link learning how to write to present communicative contexts and established practices. Without forgetting the achievements of recent decades, we need to bring about a series of changes to bring new learned writing practices to class and leave behind others we had championed as necessary when the goal was to move beyond exclusively linguistic or grammatical approaches ​
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