Patson Approach versus the Standard Approach for increasing breast reconstruction rates in women undergoing mastectomy. A randomized, controlled, open-label clinical trial

Viu Duran, Sonia
Breast cancer is the most prevalent neoplasm among women in the majority of countries worldwide. Breast cancer treatment include mastectomy which is associated to strong impact in women. Breast reconstruction is an option for many women to re-establish their body image and also to decrease psychological impact. However, breast reconstruction rates are low and many factors are involved in not undergoing breast reconstruction. Patient involvement in the decision-making process increases breast reconstruction rates and is associated to higher satisfaction and less anxiety and depression symptoms. More physician-patient relation and more education in terms of breast reconstruction are needed to achieve our objective. A new approach of medical care, called Patson Approach, is created in order to meet our goal with more patient involvement, as well as, physician and psychological counselling Objective: to increase breast reconstruction rates in women who are candidates for breast reconstruction after mastectomy and are included in the Patson Approach compared to women included in the Standard Approach Methods: the study design will be a randomized, controlled, open-label clinical trial. 62 patients will be recruited during two years and randomly divided in two groups, 31 will be included in the Standard Approach and 31 will be included in the Patson Approach. Preoperative and postoperative appointments are established in order to do a follow-up of the patients and collect all the data ​
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