La representación de los políticos en revistas femeninas de alta gama: Un estudio de caso

Berrocal Gonzalo, Salomé
Quevedo Redondo, Raquel
The increasing speculation that the policy has experienced in the evolution of its relationship with media and citizens has become a major source of content for mass media that intends to provide informative products blended with entertainment. About this dominant trend known as "infotainment", most research is linked to the advancement of television, which has generated a false feeling of emptiness on the existence of “soft news” about politicians (and specifically about women politicians), in printed media. Given the lack of scientific background to explain the presence of the phenomenon beyond the television market, this study analyzes the representation of male and female leaders in highend women's magazines (RFAG) 'Glamour', 'Telva', 'Woman' , 'Elle' and 'Vogue', through interviews published in 2011 on the occasion of the elections to the Spanish Parliament. From a comparative and gender perspective, the objective of this analysis seeks to highlight the proliferation of a particular format: the “soft interview”, composed of personal questions alternated with professional questions, with a greater role of the first option when the gender of the interviewee is female ​
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