Schizophrenia at adolescence: the relationship between schizophrenia self-reported symptoms and substance abuse, schizoid personality disorder symptoms and migration history

Herrera Rodríguez, Alba
The Youth's Inventory-4 (YI-4) questionnaire’s items related to schizoid personality disorder, schizophrenia and substance abuse, were administered to a sample of 1375 adolescents, aged between 11 and 17 years old (mean=13.9, statistical deviation=1.23). The objectives of this research are to analyze the prevalence of schizophrenia symptoms and the relationship between these symptoms with other disorder’s symptoms: schizoid personality disorder and substance abuse. Also, the origin area of the participants was analyzed to see if there is any link between foreign birth and the onset of psychosis. These results suggest that schizophrenia symptoms are related to schizoid personality disorder symptoms and substance abuse symptoms, but there is not a clear relationship between migration history and the development of psychosis. This present study is aimed to corroborate previous researches and explore which differences could be found in a Spanish and Catalan sample ​
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