Análisis del proceso de adquisición del código audiovisual y de la intervención de los agentes que forman a los ciudadanos en el conocimiento de los medios

The research group Gre‐TICE (Grupo de investigación en tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación en Educación) has the acquisition of the multimedia language and their use as a form of expression as one of their lines of research. During the academic year 2002‐ 2003, following previous work in the use of ICT in Education, commenced upon the project: “The acquisition of visual and sound codes and the processes related to the visual media”. The intention of this project is to study how formal or non‐formal education context can help young adults and children to acquire visual and sound codes to become ‘critical consumers’ with the media and to use the tools in a creative way. To achieve this objective, the project team has developed a partner group which includes professional from different European regions; including teachers and managers from across the age spectrum, government institutions and cultural organisations. Whilst the project will call upon qualitative analysis of the previous projects / research, it will seek to develop ‘Good Practice’ guides and other resources/ materials to be disseminated to project partners (and others) to build innovative actions throughout the European region ​
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